Now what would a blog about worldview be without a post specifically about– wait for it– worldview? Funny you should ask. You did ask. I asked for you. But I digress.

In my absence from daily, full-time employment for sickness reasons and recovery of sanity and health, I have enjoyed if not embraced the opportunity to watch video offerings upon subjects which I had not previously found so utterly riveting. Oh, I may wax dramatic at times for emphasis. But not entirely without warrant.


For starters, let’s begin lightly. I mean, pick a paradigm, any paradigm you wish to challenge and/or reinforce. I chose this one because it is almost a universally held view where I live (west of Istanbul, Turkey) that Israel is always right and the Palestinians are always wrong. Those nasty terrorists cannot stop attacking God’s people… Yeah, right.

Let’s remember the most famous words of USMC Major General Smedley Butler:

“War is a racket.”


Now this video is certainly not the definitive one on the subject. I simply ask you to search and research (the act of searching over and over…?) whatever you choose to expose your audio visual senses to, in order to rectify any discrepancies in aforementioned worldview education.

As always, I recommend watching videos more than once, in order to catch what you missed and reinforce what you got. Thanks for visiting.


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