Well, what with this blogging business being an activity based in writing, I came to a juncture of non-productive “writer’s block” today, wherein I felt the distinct need to blog about something worthwhile, but was unable to conjure up a distinctly unique reason to compose a blog post here. So, consequently, I felt that a good binge of video-watching would feed my otherwise starving brain cells with much needed audiovisual stimulation– not to mention worldview-enhancing information and education.

Enter YouTube’s blockbusting success, “Crash Course,” a video channel for the ADD Generation (just kidding, sort of) among us. To be fair, I count myself among those attention-challenged masses who depend on their smarter devices to stimulate their brains to bigger and better ventures than the mundane routines of life will allow.

Here is just a sample of greater things to see and hear while you visit their channel:


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