Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit.

A better summary title might be, “A Twentieth Century Anglo-American Conspiracy, Leading Up to the Present State of World Affairs: The New World Boogie Man Wants to Get You, and We Will Protect You… For a Price!”

There. That’s better. Here is a very well-made, comprehensive, and sobering revelation of sorts on who really runs things around here, comprising what is affectionately known by conspiracy buffs as the New World Disorder.

Indeed, it is.

Let me just alert you in a good way, that most of your favorite video clips, sound bites, and still photographs pertaining to these “mother of all conspiracies” will be shown here in all their HD glory, all the while expertly narrated by the velvet-voiced and classically snaggle-toothed British historian, Francis Conolly.

Get your household chores or other domestic activities lined up for watching and/or listening to a very long multimedia odyssey down a dark, historical baptism of human depravity and demonic activity which will help explain why such bad stuff even happens at all!

Thank you indeed for visiting.



Let me just say at the outset, that I have been in a long-term process of forming my opinion about the Middle East and what is going on there. In particular, regarding the perennially bellicose relationship between indigenous Palestinian Arabs and the ever-invading Rothschild Zionists occupying their lands right now.

I hope this post helps you understand where I am coming from, because I did not arrive at this conclusion on my own. By the grace of God, I  found seeds of truth (a.k.a. historical facts) and watered them liberally with the nourishing rains of others’ scholarship and research, along with eyewitness accounts and reporting. These accounts and reports have been most helpfully portrayed in videos and published on websites available to anyone.

I hope you will not presume that my explicitly Christian worldview is “pro-Israel.” It is not.

Let me explain.



I am pro-Israel, but not for the modern geopolitical Israel. I am speaking of spiritual Israel (Romans 2:29), which is really another name for the whole Body of Christ, God’s chosen people, whom Jesus purchased with His blood sacrifice on the cross. In other words, Christians.

“But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spiritand not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.”(Romans 2:29 KJV)

This Israel should not be confused with the entity known as the “modern state of Israel,” which has been from day one an invading military and political operation of mercilessly brutal tactics in its quest for the occupation of Palestine.

No, sir. I am not for that Israel.


I started coming across very credible lectures and speeches, debates and documentaries, on various YouTube channels over the course of several years. These were challenging my well-ingrained core beliefs about the world around me. I was intrigued, and wanted to learn more.

I am still finding great videos of historical revisionism, which are done for the sake of truth, about major world events. Especially of keen interest to an admittedly ignorant Westerner such as myself are those works intended to reveal the true facts of history, which have been long buried or hidden by the ruthless champions of war, by the victors and conquerors of other nations. To them belong the historical spin doctors.

Get ready for another (potential)  paradigm shift! You have been warned, in love…


Political Zionism” (above video lecture by Alison Weir) is the name given to the diabolical ideology behind the forces which have, for decades, mercilessly massacred peaceful (and justifiably rebellious) Palestinian Arabs, and destroyed their homes, obliterated their fields and groves, and thus sacrificed their lands for the sake of occupation and control. The love of money (1 Timothy 6:10) and power were the evil motives behind this 20th Century movement of unrighteous nationalism (as opposed to righteous nationalism exemplified by Old Testament Israel).



With that said, I will resume composing and editing this particular blog entry, possibly making it into a separate page dealing with the relevant, worldview-changing information that I have recently encountered and only partially digested.

I apologize in advance for any inevitable cases of worldview “indigestion,” which some readers may develop upon further review of this historical mindset earthquake that I have stumbled upon.

Nevertheless, I thank you for visiting!


Yes, friends.

Job stress has taken its toll on me, and once again, I am forced to blog about it while listening to a video lecture by Gary North!

It’s that bad…

Now don’t get me wrong. Gary North is a blessing to the Body of Christ, and to the world at large. If you are of a mindset to listen to his passionately cerebral delivery and fact-based content, he is your source for current events, history, economics, and Biblical knowledge.

My blog post does not adequately describe his contributions to the body politic or ecclesiastic. But it’s a start. Thanks for visiting and God bless you.


Now what would a blog about worldview be without a post specifically about– wait for it– worldview? Funny you should ask. You did ask. I asked for you. But I digress.

In my absence from daily, full-time employment for sickness reasons and recovery of sanity and health, I have enjoyed if not embraced the opportunity to watch video offerings upon subjects which I had not previously found so utterly riveting. Oh, I may wax dramatic at times for emphasis. But not entirely without warrant.


For starters, let’s begin lightly. I mean, pick a paradigm, any paradigm you wish to challenge and/or reinforce. I chose this one because it is almost a universally held view where I live (west of Istanbul, Turkey) that Israel is always right and the Palestinians are always wrong. Those nasty terrorists cannot stop attacking God’s people… Yeah, right.

Let’s remember the most famous words of USMC Major General Smedley Butler:

“War is a racket.”


Now this video is certainly not the definitive one on the subject. I simply ask you to search and research (the act of searching over and over…?) whatever you choose to expose your audio visual senses to, in order to rectify any discrepancies in aforementioned worldview education.

As always, I recommend watching videos more than once, in order to catch what you missed and reinforce what you got. Thanks for visiting.


Well, what with this blogging business being an activity based in writing, I came to a juncture of non-productive “writer’s block” today, wherein I felt the distinct need to blog about something worthwhile, but was unable to conjure up a distinctly unique reason to compose a blog post here. So, consequently, I felt that a good binge of video-watching would feed my otherwise starving brain cells with much needed audiovisual stimulation– not to mention worldview-enhancing information and education.

Enter YouTube’s blockbusting success, “Crash Course,” a video channel for the ADD Generation (just kidding, sort of) among us. To be fair, I count myself among those attention-challenged masses who depend on their smarter devices to stimulate their brains to bigger and better ventures than the mundane routines of life will allow.

Here is just a sample of greater things to see and hear while you visit their channel:


Well, I know this sounds (or looks) like another boring, monotonous, stream-of-consciousness rant about nothing. That’s only because it is! Not really. Maybe.

Okay, grabbing your eyeballs is no mean task, especially if I bring no professional expertise or “blog cred” to the table, er, I mean keyboard. Suffice it to say, the image below has done my job for me. Thanks, Wikimedia Commons! You have saved a perfectly plain blog post from staying that way. At least, the author thinks so.


This test pattern is emblematic of the spirit of this post. Wonder what’s next…

Thanks for visiting!



In the interest of keeping with my unwritten policy of “equal time for equal blogs,” I will embark on a small excursion out to the farther fringes of cyberspace known as the blogosphere once again, this time using my other vehicle which I call, ” Worldview Mirror.”

You see, earlier today (and yesterday), my primary blog, Worldview Window , has gotten my undivided attention… OK, that’s an exaggeration! I did watch YouTube between paragraphs.

In closing an aimless blog post like this one, I am certain you will humor me and pretend this was indeed among one of the finest blogs you have ever had the pleasure of finding!

What else would you expect from an Android-toting, self-indulgent blogger like me? Compelling prose, of course 😉

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